Confessions of a Bad Cook: I Can’t Cook Rice on the Stove

I just finished my first week of clean eating with a set meal plan. It’s my first week of actually meeting the minimum calories of 1500. Suddenly forcing myself into six meals wasn’t as hard as I imagined but it did get a little tricky with the times and forcing myself to eat much, much more and… well, with the fact I suck at cooking.

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Confessions of a Bad Cook: My First Steps in Clean Eating

My best cooking ability has always been putting together a mean bowl of cereal. And to my fellow ladies’ dismay, makin’ a sandwich.

According to my mother, my spaghetti never had salt (who the hell knew pasta needed salt aside from the sauce?) and my meat and chicken were never seasoned, and so it’s been determined I have absolutely no sense of taste for seasoning and spices- unless you really just go ahead and dump the whole bottle in.

So with my family making absolutely no effort in changing food habits, I’m suddenly responsible for changing my diet and ‘eating clean’ with my hysterically awful cooking skills. I started with safe, baby steps.

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