Rock a Garden

2 April 2013

Thanks to my day with Music for Relief and Do Good Bus last Saturday, I am determined and inspired to rock my own garden! My family has tried tomatoes before (I devour them and actually make them an expense with how many tomatoes I eat in a day), but they were in pots! I just get the feeling they didn’t do well because of it.

So, I’ve decided to give them another try in an actual garden. I’ll be starting small, and if all goes well, maybe I can grow more.

Gardening in Inglewood for #10Seeds10Homes, I learned something I hadn’t before- you can’t just grow anything in a garden. Certain plants help each other grow while others destroy each other. I would have thrown potatoes and strawberries in with my tomatoes, but apparently that’d be very stupid.

With some research, it seems that my garden will consist of:

– tomatoes

basil celery


carrots oregano

Apparently, basil repels insects and disease while they enhance each other’s flavors, carrots grow smaller but taste better with them, and marigolds not only make your garden pretty, but they also repel insects. I might add roses, as tomatoes in turn help protect them (wow.)

Tomorrow, I’ll be clearing the modest patch of dirt on the side of house that gets plenty of sun and shade- but, I should check how a lemon tree and avocado plant can affect them. I’ll post pictures!

3 April 2013

Gardening alone is not fun; I’ve been spoiled by my time with Do Good Bus and Music for Relief, so maybe my sisters or friends will join eventually.

All the bees didn’t help either since I’m allergic and now deathly afraid of them, ha! Little progress, but still something!

4 April 2013

Basil and carrots were not available at Home Depot, so for now, I have cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes, and marigolds. My dad’s party has priority now, though, so hopefully they last a while in the pots they came in!


11 May 2013

As some of you may know, shit happens. Finally got well enough after the accident to work on my garden. We had a soaked weekend pass so our dirt was amazingly soft and that’s when we took advantage to clear up the designated spot for my garden on the side of my house. Again, it gets more than 6 hours which is required for all of them, and the squirrels do not frequent it.

I took much advantage of Pinterest to make my garden; many posts about raised beds and natural weed prevention, tips for protecting the leaves from snails and slugs… I took many bits of different strategies and advice, making it my garden. I took the idea of a raised bed and used it more to box in the specific area I wanted my plants in, discourage my dogs from stepping through, hold in the mulch… and just look nice!

Using my poor but much improved left hand for the bulk of the job, I used some scrap wood we’ve had since we moved here, and painted them up with left over outdoor paint. Nailing them all together was fun (not) and only resulted in sweat, a sore back and a near broken, bloody finger!

In all honesty, though, I was damn proud.

Moving along, we had also marked off the other side of the avocado for a tortoise table I’m making for Charmanda. Used vinegar to kill excess weeds I couldn’t pull, baking soda to prevent them from growing back, and newspaper to help prevent that. Can’t wait! (But first will be the pond…)

My wooden garden bed tossed down and staked into the ground, I covered the inside with two layers of newspaper, and then wet it. It supposedly helps slow weed growth until it dies from lack of sun, air, and nutrients. Then instead of feeling the bed with dirt like a raised bed, I instead cut circles through the newspaper where I wanted my plants, then dug down, filling each with new gardening soil. Planting my tomatoes, celery (switched in favor of basil and carrot, decided to start small) and marigolds, I finished for that day.

12 May 2013

Today was a breeze. I just had to add the mulch around the plants, trim “sucker” stems off my tomatoes and make sure leaves weren’t touching the ground, and stand back to admire my garden! It may be tiny, but it’s still mine and mine alone.


14 May 2013

Bought some oregano! Couldn’t just add it to the bed I had, so I again made use of some scrap wood! Thinking of growing a bed of lettuce under the lemon tree’s shade next….

IMG_2409 IMG_2410

22 May 2013


26 October 2013

We’ve been enjoying tomatoes non-stop. The cherry tomatoes are still growing, but the larger tomatoes don’t seem to be growing this month. I have to look up whether they are out of season for now or if something has gone wrong, Wire towers definitely help keeping the tomatoes tidy, though!

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