Squat Challenge: Week 1

This week marked my fourth week of working out five to six days a week. I started January 27th at Crunch gym in Northridge, but my first three weeks were spent mainly dealing with my anxiety, forcing myself into the habit of actually going to the gym at least thirty minutes and dealing with the pain. After my first session with my trainer, I couldn’t move for three whole days- and it was spent mostly going over my details, habits and goals! I was really embarrassed, but with the assistant manager actually recognizing me each visit to the gym and with my trainer now involved, I was more embarrassed to be part of the usual ‘new year, new me’ quitters. I don’t want to call them failures because for some, they really can’t make the change. Most just quit.

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Fireworks, Vets and Pets

We try not to be bitter, but it gets harder every year. There are certain holidays fur-parents, vet clinics and shelters dread; probably neck on neck with Halloween, Fourth of July is one of the most stressful weekends year after year for our pets, specifically our lovable dogs, and guess what? Our veterans find it hard to celebrate, as well.

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You Might See Cobwebs On Here….

Sometime around 23 May 2014, I joined LPFanCorner. So, my blog may get a little neglected from time to time. I will be posting all of my (reviews) Linkin-based there for obvious reasons, but after they get their traffic, they’ll also be posted here. I’ll try to give some life to this again, haha. Thanks guys!

Anna Shinoda at Book Soup: Learning Not to Drown

It has been roughly a year of anticipating Learning Not to Drown with Anna’s last editing updates, the growing press on her novel, cover designed and a date set… it’s been ten years in the making for her, but for us- this novel has fallen into our laps in a bit of an immense wave.

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Total Ink: Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington

Total Ink Magazine is only published per order made, so the price for their issues can be a bit much for all the right reasons (saves trees!); the only way I was able to justify the purchase without guilt is that I am extremely picky about Chester’s photoshoots (I hate it when they pose him with awkward arm positions or screaming) and I was originally going to head to Hawaii to see them- needed something awesome to get signed (; So here are the scans- enjoy!

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#MFRHaiyan: Botny Accessories

Exclusive to our MFRHaiyan are two extremely unique sets of jewelry; one pair of Mike Shinoda’s Music for Relief Origami Butterfly and an earring+necklace pendant set of Beta State’s winged elephant.

These are the first and only to be made, hand-drawn with love and talent by Botny- home of hand-made accessories.

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