Dog Vacay: Miss Paw

Dog Vacay

This year I expanded my pet sitting beyond doing favors for friends; I joined Dog Vacay, a website that connects boarding and pet sitting hosts with clients. I admit I first thought it’d be a waste of time, and I was a little put off about %15 of my earnings per booking being taken. Still, I signed up as a host, completed the training and made my profile. I looked at existing hosts in my broad area, and many had 300 plus reviews with 5-star ratings and charging $60 plus per night.

I figured I was no one to start right up and charge so much not even having the recommendations to back my services like they did. So, I started off at $15 per night, the site’s minimum rate allowed. Then, I waited.

I thought to myself, “Who even knows of this site?” and “Will I get much business, anyways?” Not even two days later, I had my first reservation. It was just for the weekend, a shy but affectionate Poodle mix, and it was a breeze. The owner was charged by credit card before they dropped off the dog, their food was brought with them, and we just treated her like another dog to our family. Nothing different. Sunday afternoon, they picked her up; and I got paid via PayPal a day after. That simple!

What was amazing was that, that wasn’t it. Reservations came flooding in, especially with summer vacation coming up in weeks. We are limited to 3 dogs at the same time, but when one went home, another quickly came in. June and July did not have a single day in which we didn’t have a guest dog, so come August 15th, I was able to be in Hong Kong just how I wanted to be, all thanks to the money I raised taking care of other dogs. We were also flattered by how far some people come to us- Maya the Husky lives up in Ventura, but they were more than happy to come all the way to Porter Ranch.

As for the %15 taken per booking- it’s actually insurance for both the guest dog and my own in an emergency at the vet. Not bad, at all, though hopefully I don’t have to use it.

If you have the time and space to board dogs, and love them, I definitely recommend to make extra income. And if you need someone to take care of your pet while you’re gone for a vacation, you can find me here (;

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