Total Ink: Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington

Total Ink Magazine is only published per order made, so the price for their issues can be a bit much for all the right reasons (saves trees!); the only way I was able to justify the purchase without guilt is that I am extremely picky about Chester’s photoshoots (I hate it when they pose him with awkward arm positions or screaming) and I was originally going to head to Hawaii to see them- needed something awesome to get signed (; So here are the scans- enjoy!

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Mr. Hahn’s Birthday Project / #HappyBirthdayMrHahn


So far we’ve celebrated three Linkin birthdays this year with great projects that brought fans together, and now we have one more-

Sadly, you’re done touring to personally hand you your gift, Mr. Hahn! But it’s actually now a part of it all- fans who paint and draw and design for a living, fans who are studying to make it career, and fans who just do it for fun have been making amazing record sleeves for your birthday, and many are ready!

Then there’s also the fans who have never drawn more than a stick figure, that stepped up and wanted to challenge themselves to make something as great.

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Groove Guide: “Linked In” / Linkin Park in Auckland, NZ 2013

My good friends Chris Morgan (Auckland, NZ) and Ryan Isles (Armadale, AUS) made sure I got a copy of Groove Guide: Shit Worth Doing (how awesome is that name?) during my stay in Auckland. Here are scans of the music quick-look and article by Laura Weaser. Enjoy! (Download and zoom to read at your convenience)

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GR2: Year of the Snake

Giant Robot hosted a “Year of the Snake” art show this year, which included a piece by Mr. Hahn himself. The real perk for me, though, was when I caught sight of Heidi’s name in the list of artists. I had only heard about Joe participating in the show, so it was a pleasant surprise. (1. Heidi’s title took the gold 2. Joe and La Torre’s titles are too adorably awesome)


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Living Things World Tour Cover Photos