An Acoustic Dinner With Julien-K

Sunday night was spent in great company, which I really never expected to be in with this particular guest list. Guests stepping in and taking a seat at any of the tables mismatched perfectly in the comfortable ‘den,’ the guys of Julien-K were walking around and greeting both familiar faces from the shows and new ones- like my own- drinks of wine in hand as they went table to table, chair to chair.

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Anna Shinoda at Book Soup: Learning Not to Drown

It has been roughly a year of anticipating Learning Not to Drown with Anna’s last editing updates, the growing press on her novel, cover designed and a date set… it’s been ten years in the making for her, but for us- this novel has fallen into our laps in a bit of an immense wave.

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#MFRHaiyan: Because Music Heals

In support of our beloved Music for Relief, I have joined forces with Rikki (@rikkiontour) to raise relief funds for the Philippines, their home recently struck by their most dangerous typhoon, Haiyan. Over the years, I have collected as many items of Linkin Park and other bands as much as I have met generous, giving fans; Rikki has worked with Linkin Park and countless others, and has also collected her own memories. We’ve decided to give back to those who give.

We will be putting our treasures up for auction and raffle on eBay under their generous option to donate 100% of all proceeds to a non-profit of our choice- Music for Relief. International fans will not be excluded, and all proceeds will be sent to MFR on behalf of every music fan that joins this fundraiser.

All items have been personal items up until now; neither Rikki nor I ever had the intentions of selling these items, so some may come with “loving wear” but still in or near mint condition if not completely new. Unless described as such, these items were not provided by the bands for this auction and raffle. This is also stated clearly on Rikki’s blog for this event, found here.

There will be individual posts for each item, and each will have the link to the auction hosted on my personal eBay. Whitney Showler of Music for Relief will receive all receipts and any invoices. If you have any questions regarding an item, or would like to donate an item, please contact me (@nlopezdearenosa) or Rikki (via her blog). If you would like to donate directly to Music for Relief, you can do so here.

Thank you, and I cannot wait to see how much we can send to their aid together.


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Taking the Streets for #SSMF with Linkin Park

Monday we got to put back the ‘Street’ in Street Soldiers. With a simple Tweet from Phoenix around noon- “Anyone going to be in the Hollywood area today?” -and a (cheesy) reply from Adam (#soldierforlyf), we suddenly found ourselves dropping and making plans for The Strip by the time 4:00 pm came around. That’s the best way to do it, right? Continue reading