An Acoustic Dinner With Julien-K

Sunday night was spent in great company, which I really never expected to be in with this particular guest list. Guests stepping in and taking a seat at any of the tables mismatched perfectly in the comfortable ‘den,’ the guys of Julien-K were walking around and greeting both familiar faces from the shows and new ones- like my own- drinks of wine in hand as they went table to table, chair to chair.

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Groove Guide: “Linked In” / Linkin Park in Auckland, NZ 2013

My good friends Chris Morgan (Auckland, NZ) and Ryan Isles (Armadale, AUS) made sure I got a copy of Groove Guide: Shit Worth Doing (how awesome is that name?) during my stay in Auckland. Here are scans of the music quick-look and article by Laura Weaser. Enjoy! (Download and zoom to read at your convenience)

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