I can’t even remember how I started talking to you (likely butting into friendly banter with Sean, to be honest) or after what show it was that you started to recognize me, but you are an immense part of my best memories the past five years, and you were one of the best parts of ‘the Linkin Park experience.’

I quickly reached a point in which the shows were starting to become more about the fans and seeing the crew. The band was a nice bonus. I actually have more photos with you than them, and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Seeing you at the LPU Summits was always a lesson in your skills that would fly over my head, but I still enjoyed listening to you, and I enjoyed seeing others who aspired to do the work you do learn so much from our short visits at your ‘throne.’

Visiting your set up after the shows became like a tradition; no matter how tired I felt or how messy my hair was, there were many times others in my group for the show would get exasperated that I just had to try and see you before leaving. How could I not? You always had a smile to give and it was fun seeing you laugh as you asked, “Where am I seeing you next, huh?” There aren’t many people I get to say I’ve met up for a friendly ‘hello’ in different parts of the world.

And if I wasn’t going to be at the other shows on tour, it was a nice comfort being able to personally wish you safe travels.

I see myself attending concerts of artists I don’t even listen to just to keep doing this. I’m so happy the band had you for so long and that we fans got to have you as a friend. I wish only the best for you and hope your next touring family treat you well. If they don’t, you literally have a whole fan base in support of you. Just shout if you need us.

Still expecting another dinner with you and Sean, where we can share dog pictures and videos; you coming out on your day off to spend time with us simple fans meant a lot and will always be one of the best times with you. There’s just no real way I can explain how much I appreciate your friendship, Pooch.

Thank you for everything, and hope to see you sooner than later, Master Pooch.

Love always, Tasha



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