The Squat Challenge: Week 2

What started out really well has had a few hiccups. I am currently in Week 3 and a challenge behind schedule on #TheSquatChallenge, and it now seems to happen more on a Tuesday or Thursday than the original Monday-Wednesday-Friday timing.

What first threw me off was my recovery from the third challenge in the first week. My knees were still sore in squat position Monday morning, so I decided to wait one more day. Tuesday woke up without any aches, so relieved and excited, I did Monday’s Challenge E. However, later that day I had a session with my trainer.

Apparently he’s had a good eye on my Instagram and decided to show me what a ‘real squat guide’ is and kicked my ass muscles. My soreness wasn’t as bad as my first session with him or after my first squat challenge, but it did have me taking him seriously when he demanded I get at least two days of rest.

Friday I woke up feeling damn great! Not only was I able to do Wednesday’s Challenge H, but I did it under an hour. But, it’s what ended up making me take three days off; the challenge had deadlift jumps and squat jumps. Like I suspected in the first week, I cannot do that many jumps, especially involving such deep movements, without bad knee pain. So again, Monday was missed and I instead did a challenge today.

Challenge I had the awful burpees again, which I had to do very slowly and a bit sloppy like last time. The chair pistol squat I have not gotten better at, at all. I needed to use my TRX straps to perform those, so the fact I worked my arms as well is my only comfort in the matter. Hopefully I feel well enough tomorrow to do another challenge, try to catch up.

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