#MFRHaiyan: Botny Accessories

Exclusive to our MFRHaiyan are two extremely unique sets of jewelry; one pair of Mike Shinoda’s Music for Relief Origami Butterfly and an earring+necklace pendant set of Beta State’s winged elephant.

These are the first and only to be made, hand-drawn with love and talent by Botny- home of hand-made accessories.

I had originally wanted the origami butterfly to match my tattoo, but when I went to ask Dana, the creative genius behind Botny, I found out she was no longer taking custom orders and was going to be accepting a limited number of her last custom earrings. I knew the butterfly origami was definitely going to be the design to have made.

By chance, a single availability was left for her last custom orders, and I think due to our shared love for Seinfeld and pitbulls- she gave me a second custom order. I decided on one of my other musical loves, Beta State, their recent accomplishment with Linkin Park in #LPUSessions a perfect excuse to celebrate with some “bling” reppin’ the band.

The colors are extensive in Botny’s accessories, Dana matching a perfect hue of yellow for the elephant. Each design is hand-drawn with color pencils, surely of those every art major student drools for. The pigment is always even and smooth, and the details are ridiculously crisp and clean. Even though the original designs are roughly the size of a quarter, it needs to be drawn to be able to shrink.

Botny designs are colored onto shrinky-dink plastic sheets (yes, “shrinky-dink.” It’s real and we love it.) then shrunk to approximately 10mm in the oven. Using ovens for cooking is so over-rated, anyways. They are then coated in resin gloss to both protect and bring out a bit of shine- however, they are not water-proof, so make sure to care for these unique pieces of jewelry and keep them out of the shower and pools.

That’s roughly the process my earrings went through.

It was in the beginning of our scheming planning of MFRHaiyan that I realized, though, that the origami butterfly would be an amazing item to have on the auction. Originally designed for the disaster that struck Japan, it can now help heal the destruction Haiyan caused. So, I told Dana about the auction, and knowing well my dear love for the band and simply being a great person; she graciously made just one more set.

Like every piece of jewelry she makes, these truly are filled with care and a unique touch, and I hope that is known as bids are made on them and they are opened in their new homes.

Botny thrives on Etsy, home of hand-made products. You can browse her exciting inventory here and you can learn about sales and promotions first here. Make sure you also follow her on Instagram- @botnyacessories– for a dose of good creativity every now and then as you scroll through selfies and food shots.


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