#MFRHaiyan: Mars Is Coming

Item: MARS IS COMING Promotional Double-sided Poster for 30 SECONDS TO MARS

According to Instagram, 39 weeks ago Dayna and I went to the Troubadour for Goldfields and A Silent Film. That night was especially good because of the pleasantly surprising discovery of Royal Teeth. After a few hours of great music and meeting these great bands, it was time to go home with new Royal Teeth merch and a drumstick from Goldfields. However, Dayna had her eye on some neon-pink promo boards for 30STM on the strip dividing Santa Monica Boulevard.

So, driving up to a corner, I hopped out while Dayna waited at the light, and I went onto the strip. Feeling judged by the cars passing by, I pretended to be on my phone while the group passed. When the light turned red and the cars became few, I pocketed my phone and swiped (with a little struggle) the boards and made a run for it.

I can promise, despite our collection of small-venue concert posters, we’re not (serious) kleptomaniacs.

Condition: Like New: Near mint condition, slight creases from storage

Original Pricing: The risk of having gotten caught and scolded at.

Shipping: Determined by your location

Auction: Starting Bid: $10.00 US: You will be bidding against other bidders for this item

Mars 00

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