“These aren’t the fans you’re looking for….”

In our Street Team mission to promote #SSMF, we got a little creative and managed to have some fun. Just three nights ago we were able to get the guys from Capital Cities to pose with #SSMF flyers and original Linkin Park stickers from 2000- including cops- so we decided to see how far we can go. With pink-sequin Minnie ears and a Stitch on my head, Dayna and I pushed some legal limits at Disneyland despite Lorenzo’s paraphrased ‘NO.’

During our lunch for our Do Good gardening event, we got to talking with Lorenzo about SSMF and the mission, and we mentioned how we were going to hit Disneyland that weekend. That was the first warning, with him immediately shaking his head and lecturing us on Disneyland’s almost-scary restrictions on promoting within their parks. We pouted and promised we wouldn’t get caught, which he then made us completely agree we wouldn’t pass out anything at all.

But we still wanted to go to Disneyland.

We were going that weekend solely due to the fact we’d be given free entrance as guests for my boss, otherwise we’d never justify spending that much money on a day spent mostly waiting in lines. It’s her who also warned me about passing out flyers- pretty much told us she wouldn’t bail us out of trouble. Unfortunately we’re hard-headed and accept challenges that aren’t even given to us; dragging Katelyn along for our risky adventure, Dayna made three neon-colored signs: “LINKIN PARK” “@SSMF.com” “AUG 3RD” while I had made a sign with a giant, bold “#SSMF” -we were pretty sure they couldn’t really control much about what we did with our pictures taken at Disneyland.

Our goal was to go on all the rides that snap photos of you screaming your face off, and to take pictures with characters out and about in the park- every single one with our signs. We decided my white and black #SSMF was safer and easier to pose with for pictures outside with characters, and easier to make a white-lie out of; if given trouble about it, we were going to say it was our family vacation hashtag (HAHA).

For the rides we each had one of the neon signs- which turned out awesome in the Buzz Lightyear ride (which took two times to get it right, having had no idea where the photo is taken the first time). Sadly, they also meant not holding onto the handlebars, which was a huge accomplishment on my part for the rides like California Screamin’ and Space Mountain, and to my horror, Tower of Terror. I am terrified of heights and falling. My screams on that ride could have challenged Chester’s.

Still, it was just so much fun running around in paranoia of getting stopped and kicked out, especially when we caught up with a storm-trooper and he asked what our sign was for. Our photo with him made our day despite Dayna’s loath for how angry she looks in it.  Winnie the Pooh was also curious, but we just didn’t know if he was just staying in character or really asking about it. Our (awesome) picture for Tower of Terror was quickly taken down- but not before we got a photo of the screen- and Splash Mountain’s logo blocked my sign at the very back of the log. But we managed to have our favorites turn out as great as our time was.

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