Mr. Hahn’s Birthday Project / #HappyBirthdayMrHahn


So far we’ve celebrated three Linkin birthdays this year with great projects that brought fans together, and now we have one more-

Sadly, you’re done touring to personally hand you your gift, Mr. Hahn! But it’s actually now a part of it all- fans who paint and draw and design for a living, fans who are studying to make it career, and fans who just do it for fun have been making amazing record sleeves for your birthday, and many are ready!

Then there’s also the fans who have never drawn more than a stick figure, that stepped up and wanted to challenge themselves to make something as great.

Towards the end of February, those fans that don’t usually pick up color pencils or paint brushes, started messaging me begging for more time, with the deadline being 5 days before your birthday.

But seeing the pictures of their progress, and knowing that many had started over and over again to get it how they want- it hit me pretty hard and I loved it.

I myself stress and beat myself up for not being able to draw what I want, and that’s with a decent set of skills. The fact that these “I can’t even draw a stick figure” artists are working so hard and putting so much effort into your gift… it was awesome, to say the least.

Your birthday kept creeping up, and they kept freaking out about needing more time, and well, I just saw the fact that you guys were done until August. So I figured, why not? I started making a video of the pictures, both finished and ‘in progress’ sleeves, to post for you on your birthday, and then another decision was made- let’s not spoil it!

Therefore in the end- ha- I just want to wish you, along with my fellow Soldiers, happy birthday.

And sometime this year, maybe even when I don’t even expect it, or perhaps in Japan, you’ll be receiving a bundle of gifts made with so much dedication, love, laughs, frustration, expensive paint and paper cuts.

I’m still not over all the paper cuts I got.

I can’t wait for you to get them. Sorry this isn’t some epic video with epic songs. Just a note from a fan on behalf of a handful of different talents, and many others.

Hope you’re having fun today, Mr. Hahn…. stuff yo face with cake!

Much love and cupcakes, Natasha (@nlopezdearenosa)


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