GR2: Year of the Snake

Giant Robot hosted a “Year of the Snake” art show this year, which included a piece by Mr. Hahn himself. The real perk for me, though, was when I caught sight of Heidi’s name in the list of artists. I had only heard about Joe participating in the show, so it was a pleasant surprise. (1. Heidi’s title took the gold 2. Joe and La Torre’s titles are too adorably awesome)


Realizing her piece was one of my favorites after my first round of quick glances, I checked the price and hey! Just $20.00! Sadly, someone else beat me to it. I gave the room a couple of rounds, took photos of my favorites (unfortunately, I can’t find the post-it where I made note of the work-artist info) and Tweeted a few; never expected Heidi to notice mine, though!


All in all, it was nicely arranged along the wall, there was a great turnout, and being a reception- the free food was delicious! I was glad I was able to go down and have a visit with my friend. It’s a usual spot for us to check out together, so it was nice to see Mr. Hahn’s work so casually. Enjoy the photos!

I also got to see the collection for The Post-It Show. Joe’s post-it(s) was already bought, but not too sure about Heidi’s (yes, she made one, too!)

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