“It’s Going Down”

The wall that is currently dubbed My Art Wall was a random mess. It was wide enough to have something, but not wide enough to be store bought, or pretty, really.

See? Movie tickets, theme park tickets, free admission to a strip club, and some Post-Its. I did have the set-list for Finch‘s Key Club performance in 2007, and one for a local band called Still Standing. That part of my room was first to come down, and I started writing lyrics based off a newsprint wallpaper idea. At first, I really liked it!

Some time passed- specifically some, oh 14 months or so. I got the news I wasn’t going to be able to attend Fall 2011, so the fight against an inevitable depression began. It was nearly a year since the release of A Thousand Suns, and I was obsessed with it. One of the greatest albums of all time, with an on-coming depression, and paint markers? A slightly empty wall with primer paint already done? One of the first things I did was ‘continue’ what I had already started.

I started drawing hexagons, some of the first art for Linkin Park when they only had Hybrid Theory out, without really thinking of it. I may be deeply engrossed and in love with A Thousand Suns, but I still remembered the worst times, being pulled through the best music. To tie in my current life, I wrote lyrics for “When They Come for Me” behind it. What’s ironic, is that I had been stung for the first time in 20 years just last April. Apparently, I’m allergic to them motherfuckin’ bees, and spent 3 damn weeks (Spring Break included) nearly dying and in isolation from the sun due to my medication. Best time ever. /eye roll

Now for a confession: I cut up a LPU band photo. Year 4.0 I believe, and cut out six hexagons centralized around each individual band member. But let’s be honest; the only oneswho came out well were Mike, Rob, and Joe. Anyways, it had been stored away, so I put real use to it and closed up my soldier and lyrics.

I stepped back and thought to myself, Damn, you’re fuckin’ good,” but noticed something; this style was completely different- and better -than what I had started in 2010. My sister suggested ‘sleeping on it’ and just seeing how I felt about it the next day- I fuckin’ hated it. I am/have what my closest friends call a “passive-aggressive OCD” and fuckin’ right they are. When it came to this, and in such a fragile time in life, I couldn’t allow it.

That shit went down.

I dirtied 2 white hand-towels and pissed off my mother yet again- so worth it.

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