In the Beginning

When we first moved to Porter Ranch from 10 years in North Hollywood, my room was plain and slightly empty. The most it ever had was “the art corner” as my younger sisters called it.


The poster on the right was my first poster bought with my money. Still have it, and still love it. Sadly, it’s stuck at the front of my door now. I refuse to retire it, though. The poster to the left was my favorite of the LPU newsletters, since it showed all their faces clearly, and it was an up-close shot. The first one I had, LPU 2.0, was a group shot, but to me it has always seemed blurry, so it bothered me ha, ha. LPU 3.0 had that damn group photo in which Mike had his arm up and was covering his face. My mother would always tease, saying he’s so ugly, so he did the fans a favor and just covered himself. It would always make me so angry….

The tower had the top left section dedicated to Linkin Park, and maybe 5 favorite cds from other bands. The rest of the tower was filled with previous music tastes, and my DVD seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Ha!

Anyways, I had a twin day-bed then. By the time my 18th birthday came, I was given a jiganormous queen bed, which turned my wall into this:

No longer just a corner, but now a wall. Notice the previously mentioned posters, along with the last one I ever received as a LPU newsletter, I believe, right under the largest of the Linkin posters. Had a few random what-nots along the far right, such as the insert of Mike’s first DC Remix shoes, and the Fort Minor Militia letter, the Faint Trading Cards…. The small poster on the far right was one I picked up off the ground to my second and last (hopefully not absolutely last!) Projekt Revolution. That Chula Vista concert had been fan-fuckin’-tastic. I stuck on my PIT ticket, PIT bracelet, and Phoenix’s pic onto it. I love that thing.

Bleach had already sucked me in at that point, and of course- David Beckham, half naked on my wall. My dad wasn’t too happy about that….

My room stayed like that until 2010. Specifically until June 9th, 2010, when I came home with a 7 foot poster of Kurosaki Ichigo. It was the replacement of the century, when I took down Half-Naked Beckham for an anime character; but wouldn’t you, too, if he looked the way he did?

I rearranged my Linkin what-nots to fit under my beloved Projekt poster, with a custom sticker of Hybrid Theory from Mexico, and my LPU membership cards and pics. But, everything was torn off for Ichigo, and four fan-made posters from Bleach were put up as well (Rukia’s was the best. I lesbians her. ;] Ha.) I got rid of my useless, wobbly headboard and centered Ichigo with my bed to have him as my headboard instead. Even got rid of the frame to my bed and made a box frame that was much lower. For the best, though- it showed more of my poster and keeps the monsters from hiding under my bed.

My LPU posters were stored, and my Linkin poster from before was slapped on the front of my door since Half-Naked Beckham was relocated to the back of it. It was around this time I saw a wallpaper design based off newspaper format and print. I did this to my room, which pissed off the parents, after so many successful years of not having me draw on the walls. Since I already have The Wall, this shall be My Art Wall.

This look, though, only lasted until August 2011.

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